Outbreak: Undead - FCF Annual 01
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Our first annual. We actually had no idea quite how much content we've generated for our 'Free Content Fridays' until we began to edit it for this publication. And for you, our fans, we have been more than happy to both write this material from month to month, as well as backtrack through a year's worth of material to collect it into this book.


A note from the Developers: 

To those of you picking this up with the Core Book for the first time.

Thank you for buying this collection of our past. It will have what you have faithfully downloaded from our site from month to month in a revised, and easily referenced format. 

To those of you new to Outbreak: Undead, you will find the contents extremely helpful....

-Several new missions, expanded rules and a cast of terrifying "One Big Monster" opponents.

-Handy references for looting locations for supplies in a zombie infested setting. 

To our fans both new and old, you have made our first year a rewarding one, and we look forward to the continuing privilege of developing content for such an exceptional group of people that we are fortunate enough to call fans (and "Survivors"). Thank you for your support in allowing us to develop Outbreak: Undead into the definitive zombie survival game. Here's looking forward to many more projects in the upcoming year and those to follow!

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Outbreak: Undead - FCF Annual 01

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