Outbreak: Undead - First Edition Core Rulebook
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PLEASE NOTE: 1st edition is sold out and being retired in anticipation of the GenCon 2015 release of 2nd edition.

A PDF of 1st edition is still available via DriveThruRPG.com for only $19.99.



Awarded "Judges Choice!" at the 2011 ENnies!

When the ZOMBIES attack, will you have A PLAN?

"Outbreak: Undead" is a Zombie Survival Simulation RPG that is not only fun, but an essential step in surviving the Undead. We at Hunters Books have provided the most dramatic, effective, and above all realistic means in which to (safely) simulate the events of a zombie uprising and try your chances at survival!

Included in Outbreak: Undead, players will find:

• A simple and unique percentile based combat system.

• Everyday items that can be used as weapons! You'll soon find that
anything and everything can be used to destroy the undead.

• Endless scenario types, with the ability to form missions from any and all existing zombie lore and fan-fiction.

• Easy-to-use charts that can be used to customize outbreak scenarios for players of all levels of experience.

• Dynamic rule-sets, designed to turn the game into a simulation,
including realistic factors such as "Panic," "Pain," and "Empathy".

• Character templates for all survivor archetypes, such as firemen, military personnel, and civilians. Even the ability to PLAY YOURSELF as a character!

The core rulebook of Outbreak: Undead consists of a player's guide, a game-master's guide, and a zombie guide. Everything you need to play is contained in one place. The convenience of three books in one!


What others are saying about Outbreak: Undead...

"I have to say, I think this is one of the most innovative games, that I've seen in a long time"  - GamersHavenPodcast.

"There are so many kinds of zombies, special traits, and things you can tweak to surprise your players that you'll be set for a nice long stretch of play." - Gnome Stew 

"a Indie zombie game with huge production values" - HopelessGamer.com 




Without Outbreak: Undead.

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Outbreak: Undead - First Edition Core Rulebook

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