Outbreak: Undead - GM's Companion
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Guide your players in their goals to outlive and outlast the end of days!

The element of chance and surprise is now possible for both Gamemasters and Players, as a scenario’s objectives can now be generated at random, while still allowing tremendous narrative and storytelling flexibility!


This guide assists Gamemasters in setting up Scenario Point constructed campaigns,
which give players goal-oriented objectives and easily trackable progress for a campaign of any scale.

Included are...

- Detailed guide to structuring missions, multiple sample Victory Conditions and Victory Sub-Conditions.

- An entirely new way to spend Risk points on new ‘Hazards’ that GM’s can utilize to create new challenges for players and thwart their best made plans.

This guide is a perfect companion piece to the Outbreak: Undead.. Core Rulebook. It
gives Gamemasters a whole new arsenal of scenario constructing tools that more fully
utilize the concepts presented in your other Outbreak: Undead books!


Remember, YOUR ZOMBIE SURVIVAL PLAN WILL FAIL! Without Outbreak: Undead.

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Outbreak: Undead - GM's Companion

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