Outbreak: Undead - Game Masters Screen
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We know as a GM it can be difficult at times to keep track all the essential information that is contained in a book. Referencing during games breaks the pace and is sometimes time-consuming. To help with that, we have devised just the tool just for you: The Outbreak: Undead Game Master’s Screen -- an easy to use reference guide that is just as customizable as the game system itself!


With 6 removable sleeves, you can CUSTOMIZE your choices of rules with OVER 10 DIFFERENT PAGES. Such as:



Rule Summaries

Encounter Sheets for each Outbreak Level

Special Rules


Stronghold Levels and Resource Catalogs

Damage Charts

and much more!


There are also options for player reference guides on the side of the screen facing players. This allows BOTH SIDES to be informed about the details of their Outbreak Scenario. Not to mention that every dimension is just as stylish as it is helpful!


With this Game Master’s Screen, ALL Hunters Books reference sheets are available to YOU! Every Hunters Books product is fully compatible with this screen. There are even downloadable sheets for you to customize and print out yourself!

Lead your survivors into an amazing journey of horror and survival, and help them discover why YOUR ZOMBIE SURVIVAL PLAN WILL FAIL, without Outbreak: Undead!

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Outbreak: Undead - Game Masters Screen

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